1. Co-working Office Layout

Co-working office plan is trendy, chic and popular among new-age Australian entrepreneurs. In this layout, a worker may or may not have his own workspace. It simply approaches a first-come and first-serve policy that encourages individuals to operate wherever they want to within the premises.

In fact, you are free to choose your own space as per your requirement. Being an employer, you can assign particular desks to your workers according to their assigned job.

If you are a young businessman and want to promote social interaction within your organisation, then this one is best office plans for you. The flexible working environment increases the possibility of collaboration while making workers (even freelancers) comfortable.

In a nutshell, Co-working spaces are ideal for self-employed workers who don’t have an office space for their own. With the payment of a small fee, these people can work in a comfortable working environment.

Pros of Co-working Layout

Professional Networking
Co-working space layouts promote an environment that boosts social interaction with same intellectual individuals. Under this, you will get an opportunity to share space with the people who are enthusiastic about their work and would love to share their business ideas or plans with you. You can even discuss your projects with other professionals who are in the same field to get more genuine feedbacks.

Interact with customers and clients
One of the best things about Co-working spaces that it allows self-employed workers to meet with their potential clients and customers for their current or upcoming projects. For example, if you want to discuss something urgent about your client’s project, you can ask them to meet you in a co-working office as space is available for both the potential clients and customers as well.

Saves Money
If you are a new entrepreneur and don’t have enough money to set up your own workspace, you can opt for a co-working office layout. It offers a wide array of organisational facilities including desks, WiFi internet, whiteboards, photocopiers and other office equipment to help you get started with your work in minutes. No capital funding is required. Start your work with all the experience you have and take your potential to the next level.

Cons of Co-Working Office Layout

Zero Privacy
In co-working spaces, you won’t get a higher level of privacy as many other co-workers will be working with you in the same premises. In fact, most of the layouts have a semi-private office where people share space with one or more persons.

Lack of Security
Usually, cloud servers available in Co-working office layouts don’t provide wired access to the internet. It means you have to use WiFi if you have stored something in the cloud server. This can be a serious problem if you need secure access, especially if you keep your client’s file in the cloud server. The hackers can easily gain access to the secured documents via wireless internet. This is a serious issue.

4. Combination Office Plan

This is one of the most versatile office plan layouts that can help business owners to design their offices the way they want.

If you want both the open and cellular layouts, then a combination office plan is perfect for you. In this specific office plan, you can design your office in an individual or separate cubicles but use smaller space as compared to the cellular layout.

Instead of using doors or windows, use common office surroundings such as tables, couches, and chairs. This will also give a glimpse of open office layout.

Pros of Combination Office Plan

Improves productivity
This type of office layout encourages employees to focus on their specific work while increasing their productivity. They can interact with their seniors whenever they stuck in the middle of their operational process. That saves productive hours and encourages employees to work in a better way.

Ensures Smooth Communication
Communication becomes easier between teams and departments when you adopt combination office plan. Employees can clear their doubts, and discuss their upcoming projects without any communication barrier. That is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs look for combination office spaces in Australia.

Cons of Combination Office Layouts

Leads to distraction
People passing through the working space could distract you, and in closed office layouts, it really annoys when someone passes through you. That leads to distraction which is not at all good for both the employees and a company.

Difficulty in maintaining standard operating system
It becomes quite difficult in introducing and maintaining a subsequent operating system for all employees in combination office plan because all employees are partitioned by smaller cubicles.


An effective and comfortable office plan/layout gives employees a place where they can complete their assigned tasks and meet their personal as well as organisational goals.

Being an entrepreneur, you should opt for an office layout that can encourage your workers to provide quality results while letting them enjoy the comfortable working environment.

Whether you choose Cellular office or an open office plan, co-working office or a combination layout, just make sure you get the most out of your potential team within 8-9 productive hours.

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