How will I set up an office at home?

1. Table and chair

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice good posture to do blogging.

Many bloggers find it fun to blog from bed.

But you should opt for a table and chair instead. It will definitely increase your productivity.

Use a chair with an adjustable height, tilt adjustment, and wheelbase so that you can feel comfortable and stable while working.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a table/chair, you can easily find used furniture on Craigslist.

This is especially true if you are noticing back pain, or feel lazy throughout the day.

2. Use proper desktop or laptop

Use proper desktop or laptop
You can choose a desktop or laptop according to your needs.

If your work involves traveling, then you should choose a laptop, but if you are blogging from your home, then you should opt for a desktop computer.

I suggest the iMac which is a powerful and efficient machine. Most pro-bloggers use a Mac product.

Moreover, you can opt for dual-screen monitors, or you can arrange a laptop and desktop together.

A dual-screen depends on your specific needs. If you really need an extra monitor, you can use your home TV as an extended screen, or you can buy an extra monitor for yourself and extend it using an HDMI or video monitor cable.
Remember, your computer is your productivity tool. So get the best computer you can.

3. Internet connection

For blogging, you need an internet connection with reliable speed and proper connectivity.

The biggest distraction of any blogger is a broken internet connection.

You should rely on a well-reputed ISP provider. Also, you get a speed of more than 10 MBPS for effective blogging.

Above all, you should get a backup internet connection in the form of a data card, a 4G package on mobile, and so on.

If you are into video blogging, make sure that you get a broadband connection which gives a decent upload rate. Most of the time, the broadband provider offers good download speeds, but the upload time sucks.

4. Effective environment

Harsh Agrawal home office
Harsh Agrawal home office
Try to make your office environment free from disturbance.

Avoid all the typically disrupting elements like:

Choose a room at the end of the house, or figure out how to make it sound proof. Try to keep all the distraction points away from your working room.

Make your environment cool with proper ventilation.

Power backups should be present to achieve nonstop work.

5. Proper space

You should arrange everything in your room in such a way that every inch of space is utilized efficiently.

For example:

Put your CPU under your table and keep all files labeled and in their proper places.
The idea here is to keep your home office as organized as you can which will give you a feel of the office, and allow you to enjoy your work.

Believe it or not, a clean room will always help in improving your productivity. Moreover, there will be no visual distractions.

Here are a few things which you should buy to make your home office look better:

Double-sided Velcro tape: This is a must-buy for you to manage easy-to-tangle cables and cords in your home office. One piece of double-sided Velcro tape costs no more than $7.
Gaming mouse: These are built for ergonomics. If you spend more than 7-8 hours on a computer every day, a gaming mouse will ensure your hands don’t experience pain. A good gaming mouse starts from $50 & it’s worth your money. I use the Razer gaming mouse on my iMac.
Ergonomic chair: This one is essential as you will be spending most of the time sitting in front of a computer. Ergonomic chairs are built to support your back the right way. A good example of an ergonomic chair is your car seat. If you have the money, you should buy a Herman Miller chair which typically costs $1800+. Harsh shared his experience with one of these costly chairs over here. You can also search for other cheap options which will cost around $200.
Color your wall: Most bloggers don’t pay much attention to the color of their room, but it’s important to help you feel good & stay focused.
6. Add some spice.
Professional Office At Home
Now that you have the basics of your home office set up, you should start to add your own personality to it. This will help you feel more comfortable, and ultimately, you’ll be more invested in your work.

Try adding in some plants to give your office the feeling of life. Or maybe replace the fluorescent lights with incandescent lights to give the room a more “natural” feel.

Maybe you can paint the walls purple and pink. Why? I don’t know… why not? What other offices will let you paint the walls?

Now’s the time to have a little fun and make your office feel like it’s truly yours!

These tips will be useful for anyone who works from home and is trying to set up a home office.

In general, try to keep things organized and make your office more professional by following the above 5 tips. This will bring discipline and increased productivity.

How have you set up your home office? Let me know in the comments below.

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